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I just want to thank those of you who keep returning to keep J's spirit

and memory alive! It means the world to me!


Jessica loved cats!

Thanks Judie!

"You don't get over it,

you just get through it.

You don't get by it,

because you can't get around it.

It doesn't 'get better';
it just gets different.

 Every day... Grief puts on a

 new face..."



This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jessica Hess who was born in Missouri on June 26, 1992  at 2:57 p.m. and passed away on July 10, 2005, at 3:25 p.m. She had just made it to her 13th Birthday. We will remember her smile forever. She was the light of my life!  Jess was  talented, fun-loving and the sweetest girl who lit up the room when she arrived. Jess loved Imo's cheese Pizza. Her favorite color is purple. She loved cats, and all animals! Her Daddy calls her his  "gem".  She fought that "stupid" (she always referred to the tumor as "stupid") tumor to the very end! She was so very strong and courageous.  We always think we are here to teach our children all about life, but let me say that Jess taught me so much about life.  She taught me to stop and enjoy the little things and to always smile.  She is and always will be my sunshine. 

I will NEVER understand why she had to leave us at 13, but I am so very blessed to of had 13 years with her.  Jess taught me so very much. 


I would like to take this time to thank Mikey, Scott, my family, Scott's family, Mikey's family, Bay, Johnnie, Stephie, Ray & Sheila & kids,so on..y'all know who you are. Everyone that came to the house and helped get us thru the most difficult time in our life. I could of never made it through this time without ANY of you.  Dad & were here every step of the way..from beginning to end. Mel, thanks for all your hard work on the benefits.  You are awesome

Jess brought the sunshine to everyone she met.  She could light up the room with her sky blue eyes.  If there is something to learn from her, it is to NEVER take anything for granted.  Her short life was filled with bumpy roads, but she always kept going.  She was a fighter and never gave up, her body just grew tired and God called her home.  You are not suffering anymore and are healed in Heaven.  

To everyone at Cardinal Glennon..Thank you! Y'all are awesome.  Y'all did everything you could to heal her, but no one is more mighty than God.  You can't beat him. 

Jess taught me the true meaning of "unconditonal" love. Without her, I would not be the person I am today.                      
To Jess's friends at Pattonville Heights Middle School- (especially Ashleigh) Thank you all for being supportive of Jess and keeping her spirits up.  She loved all of you and would of done anything for each one of you.  Know she watches you.  I hope she taught you that no matter what, keep going, and never give up. Reach for the stars!!

Tony, Lindsay, Lacee...You all were awesome!  I am so proud of you. You never pushed her to do anything when she didn't feel good.  She loved y'all very much.  Know that her memory will never go away, and she is watching over you.  She is around you, you just have to look and see the signs.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! :)  

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts you sent her way.  We prayed for her to be healed and she is!!  We just have to hurt a while till we meet her again.
She will forever be in our hearts and memories!!

J's lullaby:
Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there's no one else above you? You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness. ease my troubles, thats what you do!! ...when the morning SUNSHINE greets the day!!
Jess it was an honor to be your mother!

The tide receds, but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand...

The sun sets, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land.

The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet refrain...           

For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains...    



My sunshine, You are in my heart forever!! There is not a day, a moment, a single second that goes by that you are not on my mind. 
I still see your shining face and awesome smile.
Our family chain is broken here, but your legacy lives on in our hearts and souls forever..till we met again!!
I love you baby girla!! You will NEVER be forgotten!

God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength.
1 corinthians 10:13

Only good things come from God's hands. He never gives you more than you can bear.  Every burden prepares you for eternity!

Fill not your heart with pain and sorrow,

but remember me in every tomorrow.

Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles.

I've only gone to rest awhile.

Although my leaving causes pain and grief,

my going has eased my hurt and given me relief.

So dry your eyes and remember me,

not as I am but as I used to be.

I will remember you all and look on with a smile.

Understand, in your hearts I've only gone to rest

a little while.

As long as I have the love of each of you,

I can live my life in the hearts of all of you. 



"THE DANCE" by Garth Brooks

Lookin' back on the memory of the dance we shared

(be)neath the stars above. For a moment, All the world


And now..I'm glad I didn't know, the way it all would end, The way it all would go, Our lives, are better left to chance..I could have missed the pain, but I'da had to miss...the dance (I love you Jess)

Holding you, I held everything. For a moment, wasn't I the King? But, if I'd only known the king would fall, hey who's to say, you know I might have changed it all

And now... I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end, the way it all would go. Our lives are better left to chance. I could've missed the pain, but I'da had to miss the dance!

It's my life,


I love you baby girl..the pain never gets better..I have only learned to live with you in heaven. WE WILL MEET AGAIN! until that day, please know I love you so very much and that WILL NEVER change! I can't wait to see you again!


  Please let us know you stopped by!! Light a candle......say a few words in our tribute area....We love to hear from everyone. 


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Missing You Jess   / Ashleigh La Zear (Best Friend )
I miss you so much girl!!! <3
:)  / Alyssa Murray (Friends)
Jess. I thought about you today as i do all the time. I hope life in heaven is perfect. When it snows like this i always think back to the time we went to art hill to sled. That was the day you told me you had cancer. I miss you and i love you. You a...  Continue >>
Jess i miss u   / JoAnna Lore (BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER )
well jess its another yr with out u here so much has gone on i miss u so much! well we are moving from delord over to st. ann. i never talk to u mom which i wish i still do! we graduated wish u were here to walk with all of us. prom was sad cause i r...  Continue >>
I miss you so much!   / Katie Higgins (BestFriends)
I had a school project in which I was told to write a poem about someone who had a large impact in my life. Of course I choose my girll Jessica because Ive never had someone as special as her in my life. -------- Jessica hess - My BestFriend. I fi...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Ashleigh LaZear (Best Friend )
Hey Jess
I miss you so bad all the time. I can't help wondering how much better high school would have been if you were here with me. I know we would have had so much fun. Sometimes when I'm driving around and old song comes on the radio and it ...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
My sunshine  
Jess was 1st diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1996. It was removed and she under went 6 weeks of radiation and she was cured.  In April of 2004, we found another tumor.  It was inoperable and chemotherapy was our only hope for a cure.  Chemo helped in the 1st 6wks of treatment. After that, it was a tremendous rollercoaster ride.  She never gave up. Stayed full of sunshine and compassion for others around her.  Her fight ended here on earth, but she is now healed and suffers no more. Jesus is holding her and kissing her everynight before bed :) 
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